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(id make a comic but... lazy nova is lazy....and starting to catch a cold literally)
admin was really sick, he had earaches and a nasty sour throat, eirin said that he was catching a cold, even though he was told to stay in bed, that didn't stop team 9's crazy plans. cirno was trying to teach admin Japanese,"okay admin! lets teach you Japanese by having you sing this song, chirumiru!!" she then handed him the lyrics. daiyousei:"are you sure about this? eirin said he needed rest...." cirno:" it'll be fine! besides, if we cant teach him now, then when?" daiyousei:"true...." cirno:"okay admin!! say 'chi chi chirumiru nomu yo genki'!" admin nodded,"okay...chi chi chirumiru nomu yo ge-ACK!!!" he then held his hands at his throat so fast he forgot his strength and he fell backwards, and was out cold. cirno:"good enough!!"


United States

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:iconkimedusaplz::iconsaysplz: Well, aren't you attractive?
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Dargar:*watches at the waponi build another factory*
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thanks for the fave!!!
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Dude we hardly ever talk. So what's up
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sry, ive been away from DA, I was having one of those days where my games call me....ive been playing sonic adventure 2 battle, and....well it is one of the best games ever, and ive put 100 hours in it and I still don't have a chaos chao
weegeefan3 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
100 hours! Dude are you ok? You need sleep bro
novastartherapter Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
im okay....I know I don't get enough sleep.... I mean I finally fell asleep last night at like 2 AM in the morning...I left the game on all night while I slept twice to get a chaos chao
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How many fucking times do I have to say "NO LLAMAS?!"
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oops!! im sorry!!! I thought it was only no faves!!! im so sorry!!!
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